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How Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Shapes the Selling Price of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is a one of most popular beverage all over the world after the water. Now a day people demand for healthy and safe food even though price is high in healthy food. Then they move to the quality food. Therefore, product quality certification is the most important point for that situation. Then Sri Lankan food products should be lined with international standard to facilitate the international trade. However, majority tea factories were not gone for any certification level. A study was conducted to identify the effect of GMP on selling price of Ceylon tea. Multi-stage proportion sampling method was used to evaluate GMP by using pre-tested questionnaire, informal discussion and field observation in all represented administrative regions. Independent sample t test recognized selling price and GMP are significantly different in 50% of GMP value (t=2.471, P< 0.05). When GMP value was less than 50%, the average selling price recorded as Rs. 373.43 and Rs. 404.19 average selling price could be achieved when higher GMP value (>=50%). According to the result, above 50% GMP value was reflected higher price. Therefore, all tea factories must maintain GMP level with above 50%.

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Determine Consumer Preference for Rice Types in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka

Rice is a major food in Sri Lankans diet. Different types of rice are available for human consumption and rice types are related with rice consumption in Sri Lanka. Rice type can be described based on mainly quality characteristics, physical characteristics and chemical characteristics of rice. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine consumer preference for rice type in Hambantota district, Sri Lanka. Main three physical attributes and two rice types were used for this study. Physical attributes of rice such as rice color, rice grain size, and degree of milling were considered for the study. Main rice types considered were raw rice and parboiled rice. A questionnaire survey of consumer preference for rice was carried out by using a purposively sample of 100 consumers in Hambantota administrative complex considering the easy access to respondents with different occupation categories. Data analysis was done by using preference ranking methods. Moreover, Chi- squire test was used for identify the significant of characters. The study revealed that consumers’ most preferred rice color was red color rice. Based on rice grain size long slender (Basmati) was the most preferred. The majority (75%) of consumers preferred partially-milled rice. Raw rice had higher preference. Therefore, according to the present study, the most preferred rice types were long slender (Basmati) rice and partially-milled red color raw rice in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka.

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"A Conceptual Study on the Relationship of HR Strategies with Other Constructs"

Purpose: This paper seeks to:
1. Review the literature on HR Strategies with special reference to the relationship of HR Strategies with other constructs.
2.Establish a relation between Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and HR Strategies.
3.Determining the research gap in this area.
Design/methodology/approach: The paper intends to provide a conceptual review of the past literature in the areas of HR Strategies. The paper is divided into 3 parts:
1.Describes and examine the published works in HR Strategies.
2.Established a relation between SHRM and HR Strategies.
3.Established a relation between the HR Strategies and the other variables like business outcomes, Business strategies, Core competencies, HR Outsourcings, Knowledge management etc.
4.The review identifies the limitations of the literature and outlines future lines of research for this field.
Findings: The review also showed that HR Strategies are related to other variables like; business outcomes, business strategies, organizational strategies, core competencies, HR outsourcing and knowledge management etc.
Research limitations: The main limitation of this review is that the study is completely based on secondary source of review no primary study is done. Thus, the study does not provide any empirical evidence to support the literature of the article. All the provided literature is written based on the findings gained from the previous studies.
Practical implications: HR Strategies affect other constructs like; organizational effectiveness, Change management and organizational development etc. This study can increase the knowledge of formulation and implementation of HR Strategies in any organization which will in turn enhance the effectiveness of the managers. This in turn can help the organization to operate at high efficiency.
Intangible Originality/value: The study helps the scholars orient their research in HR Strategies by providing them a better understanding of the construct. Also provides a ray of direction in which the field is going and what are the existing gaps.

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Developing A Training Manual on Reproductive Health for Social Work Trainees in India

Objectives: To develop culture sensitive training manual to educate adolescents on reproductive health in India and to develop participatory training methodologies in areas related to reproductive health.

Methods: Focus Group Discussion was held with experts in the field for three days to bring out draft manual. This was followed by participatory methodology for three days to increase the effectiveness among trainees through using brain storming, videos, discussions, lecture methods, case studies and demonstrations. Finally the manual was again reviewed by the experts from Government and non-governmental organizations in Bangalore in a two day workshop.

Results: The manual is developed using cultural sensitive, gender sensitive and rights based approach. The session wise objectives methodology, duration, process and discussion have been helpful in implementing the objectives. The manual will certainly equip the social work trainees to work in this area of reproductive health.

Conclusion: The cultural sensitivity is an important aspect that social work trainees need to be trained while working with adolescent reproductive health

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A Study of Gender Prediction in U.P Board Social Science Text Book of Class IX

Curriculum is a blueprint of experiences that have been planned for students. A curriculum is essentially a planned educational programme. It has definite objectives and these objectives are derived from goals. These goals are again conceived at three levels viz; ultimate(or long term) goals, mediate (or short term) goals and proximate (or immediate) goals. Since textual materials are pivotal sources of knowledge it is important that they include issues of equity and equality, as children both boys and girls from all segments of society access them. Therefore, portrayal of Gender relation and there contributions are important in the thematic selection pertaining to all disciplines and their portrayal in the visual depiction. In the Indian context textbooks are a great significance depository of knowledge. Indian school curriculum has generally followed the patriarchal traditions which type cast individuals in unequal gender based roles.

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